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Free Killer Tan

Ever wondered what the harsh reality was after using a tanning bed? The hidden camera in this video walks people through their own funeral with a tanning bed symbolizing the casket. Click here to watch.

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Staying Safe from the Sun – Construction Worker Exposure to Skin Cancer

Still unclear about how to implement sun safety within your work schedule? This article provides tips and ways to help you and your company actively protect yourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Check it out.

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13 Surprising Foods That Can Protect You From the Sun & Skin Damage

What does chocolate, olive oil, almonds, broccoli, and tomatoes all have in common? Each food helps protect your skin from the inside. According to registered dieticians, there are 13 foods that contain properties that help your body to protect itself from sun damage. Read here to check them out.

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5 Signs of Skin Cancer Other Than a New Mole
While it's important to know the guidelines for identifying ... more>>>

Schools & Their Sunscreen Rules
News reports are full of stories about kids who come home blister... more>>>

Indoor tanning's popularity among teens going down, CDC says
Two new studies released by the CDC looked at the prevalence of ... more>>>

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