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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month: A Conversation with Dr. Neil Box

Date Posted: May 19th, 2014
May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and the University of Colorado Cancer Center took some time to interview Neil Box, PhD with the Department of Dermatology. He discusses risk, need to know facts on skin cancer, how to prevent skin cancer and the importance of current tanning bed legislation in Colorado. Read further on this article here.

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Sunscreen: How to apply

Summer is coming and the days are getting longer, which means more sunshine! Click on this link to get the facts from the American Academy of Dermatology on how to apply sunscreen well and avoid a sunburn this summer.

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8 Reasons the U.S. Surgeon General Should Annouce that UV Tanning Causes Skin Cancer

Date Posted: April 8th, 2015
In July 2014 the Surgeon General, Dr. Boris Lushniak announced that indoor tanning is “strongly associated with increased skin cancer risk”, but did not fully report that tanning causes cancer despite very solid evidence stating otherwise. There are nine criteria that determine a relationship in disease to actions that was initially used in the context of smoking and lung cancer in 1965. If these same criteria are applied to the scenario of indoor tanning beds and skin cancer, this relationship fulfills 8 out of 9. Click on the link to read about the different criteria and why UV tanning causes cancer.

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